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Welcome Back Timberwolves!

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It is our pleasure to welcome you to 2021, and a new semester at MVHS! 

Our students performed well the first semester; they have developed new skills and utilized new tools! 53% of our students earned 2 or more “A” grades the first semester!

As of today, student schedules are in PowerSchool and both students and parents should be able to see classes. Grades will begin to be posted by teachers next week. Students are already in their Canvas courses and have started submitting assignments on the platform this week. We want to keep that momentum going, and have agreed as faculty to consistently follow this new GRADING/LATE WORK policy to support students.   


1. ALL assignments must be submitted through the CANVAS platform by the posted due date (teachers will not “close” assignments, only include due dates)

2. ONE WEEK-exactly 7 days-following the assignment due date, teachers will post grade in PowerSchool (including late submissions received prior to posting grades)

3. Assignments received late will be graded and include a 5% deduction per school day the assignment is submitted late up to two weeks only.

4. After TWO WEEKS some assignments may receive up to 50% credit per teacher discretion and only when specific, individual communication has been initiated by the student to that teacher.

5. Any assignment for which a student has received a low grade, they MAY attend an intervention period with the teacher, to have the opportunity to improve their assignment grade and/or their understanding of content to improve mastery going forward. 

How can you help at home?

  1. Create a dedicated workspace for your student
  2. Ask your student to discuss the work they have turned in–have them show you how they submit the work in Canvas, and tell you what they learned that day
  3. Choose one day each week to review PowerSchool grades, discuss what you see; reach out to the teacher if you have questions or need more support
  4. What are your student’s goals this semester? Develop some rewards along the way to build momentum
  5. Define your standards of school performance as a family-what are the consequences of unacceptable performance?
  6. CELEBRATE successes, understanding, “aha” moments. Learning is fascinating–share the joy of discovery together

We are here to support your learning and success!

Upcoming Dates:

This week–Academic Integrity forums in PACK meetings

January 11–teacher work day

January 12–Governing Council meeting-public may participate by phone

January 15–All School Seminar, end of ADD/DROP Period

January 25–Student Led Conferences–All students will participate virtually with parents and PACK teacher; watch for email invite/sign up next week.

Please do not hesitate to contact MVHS faculty and/or administration if you are in need of any assistance.

Go Timberwolves!!