Senior Nights Celebrate You

Seniors Get Pied in the Face
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On Jan 19th and on Feb 2nd Moreno Valley High School hosted their annual senior nights. During these senior nights, the senior class of MVHS presents their projects that they have been working on all year. The seniors also fundraise for graduation and prom with the pie a senior fundraiser, and their dessert auction.

A requirement to graduate from MVHS is that students must complete a senior project or portfolio, this is so that the senior can showcase their proficiency in every subject. A project is something that the student picks to do and then they submit a proposal to the school, if it is accepted they can start working on their projects as soon as the summer before their senior year. At MVHS we have had a multitude of projects ranging from half-pipes to murals. In order for the projects to be completed students must present it at senior night, depending on how many seniors do a project there will be one senior night or two. If a senior does not have a vision for a project and would rather focus on set assignments they can do a portfolio to show their proficiency in the subjects. In portfolio students get to dive into each subject one at a time where in a project they are integrated.

Over the next month we will be looking deeper into the projects from MVHS’ class of 2018. We have many amazing and unique projects this year such as: a sand volleyball court, a darkroom, a script for a play, an animation about bullying, the yearbook, travel guides, and so much more. Senior projects truly showcase how unique MVHS really is and we are so excited to share that with you.

– By Sierra Iliohan Wright