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Fifteen students are seated in a circle. They’re the usual lot: modest, outrageous, adventuresome, studious, carefree. But this crew is exceptional, too. You’ve never heard high school students have a conversation quite like this. They run the discussion by themselves. They wait to speak, confidence and knowing distinguish their thought. They are discussing the transformative power of great literature. This isn’t the simple entertainment that occupies the lives of most American teenagers. EXPERIENCE MVHS.

■ United in conquering their fear of math word problems, small groups of students are honing their critical thinking skills to analyze and solve real-life math applications. Upon finishing, they take turns presenting their solutions to the class. EXPERIENCE MATH.

■ And outside, biology class is using the natural surrounding environment for a science unit. EXPERIENCE SCIENCE.

■ At the same time, a physical education class is mounting up for a mountain bike ride. EXPERIENCE PE.

■ The rooms often fill with laughter. The raucous reward for a well-turned phrase. Too, the occasional spark of anger flares. Just as often the class is silent as students puzzle over an intriguing passage. EXPERIENCE LEARNING.

This is the proper noise of Education.

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