Moreno Valley High School, a tuition free pubic charter school, is able to provide an exceptionally rich educational experience for students. We have a base of support from public funding, but due to our smaller student body, we have found it necessary to design methods to enrich the services and activities we offer to our students by fundraising through our philanthropic team, the Moreno Valley Education Foundation.

The Foundation makes it possible for MVHS to fundraise and support activities and ideas spearheaded by students and faculty. Their efforts expand our reach and impact on education in the Valley.

You can help MVHS!

Businesses can support MVHS through Sponsorships!

Would you like to sponsor MVHS student activities? Please download the WolfPack Pamphlet to learn more about how to support our students.

Individuals and Businesses can donate directly to the Education Foundation! You can donate online using our secure Paypal donation page or send a check to the address below. Thank you for supporting our students.

Checks can be sent to:

Moreno Valley High School C/O the Wolfpack P.O. Box 1037 Angel Fire, NM 87710

Thank you to our Wolfpack Sponsors for 2019!

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