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Welcome (virtually) to Moreno Valley High School, home of the Timberwolves! Take a moment to navigate through the website, and you’ll see why we describe our school as “Education Elevated.”

Nestled in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the Moreno Valley, and our public charter high school. At less than 70 students, with a ratio of 10 students per teacher, the school functions as a learning community. We thrive because the Angel Fire Village values and invests in the education of its young adults. This environment fosters a rich high school experience. In fact, students from surrounding areas drive nearly an hour to be part of this unique family.

Moreno Valley High School has a tradition of world class education, and we have been recognized nationally through the US News and World Report, among others. The faculty at MVHS go the extra mile for their students, getting to know them as individuals on our annual Beyond the Valley Trip each August. Students and faculty spend several days camping and learning together. It’s a wonderful way to begin the journey as a Timberwolf! This trip sets the academic tone for the school year, and allows new students to get to know classmates and faculty outside of the classroom.  

Ultimately, our goal is to help students find and develop their unique voices.  We want them to think critically, solve problems, and advocate their ideas. The Paideia methodology is the tool we use to accomplish this objective, and the tool students use to develop their voices. Our practice is comprised of three pillars of instruction: didactic, intellectual coaching, and seminar. We’d be honored to show you this unique, mountaintop learning environment and explain the methodology in more detail.

Would you like to know more?  Come see our school community in action, and schedule a tour.  The mountains are calling:

Thank you for taking the time to visit us virtually!  

Tammy Dunn