Back To School!

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Parents and Students,

Thank you to so many who joined us for the last two Governing Council meetings. As you may have heard, we will begin in the hybrid model next week but must remain under the maximum capacity designated by the Public Education Department (PED).

Pack teachers will be calling you individually Thursday and Friday to get more detailed information regarding your student’s individual logistics, and to answer questions you may have about returning to school. Below are some needed details so you have time to process and make the most informed decision in the best interest of your child. We will attempt to provide this information as concisely as possible, and I encourage you to review additional resources provided in the links to source documents from PED.

1. Families must decide if their children will continue to participate in school remotely or attend some days in person. This is a binding decision due to the capacity constraints. ONLY a team decision to include the Parent(s), MLSS Coordinator, Pack Teacher, Dean of Students, Director, or an IEP team if applicable, may modify this initial decision declared by the family.

2. Based on your decision, we will invite your child to attend only on specific days. On those days, your student will attend in person. Your student does not have the option to choose a different day than the one(s) assigned. For example, if a student is absent on their assigned day, they may not attend on another day to make up for the absence. Additionally, if a student is scheduled to be on campus, they may not sometimes attend on campus and other times remotely-unless they are observing a COVID isolation.

3. When a student attends school, they are not allowed to leave for an appointment, to get things out of their car, or to get lunch, then return. When a student leaves, they will participate remotely the rest of the day and we will ask parents to confirm that you permit them to leave campus.

4. Current guidelines include that the student remains in isolation following a COVID test, following exposure to a test positive close contact, and following out of state travel. All students must adhere to the guidelines currently in place in order for us to allow hybrid instruction.

We have been given this opportunity but it is not guaranteed–so in order to continue we must follow these guidelines. To date this school year, our fidelity to COVID safe protocols have kept our staff and students healthy and safe. For additional details about the guidance our school is following, please review the PED re-entry tools via the NMPED website.

Please begin to think about the following questions for planning purposes:

A. Transportation–Will your student ride the bus, drive a car or be driven to school?If you need bus transportation, you must call Liz at the bus barn (575-376-4501) so she is able to coordinate a stop and the specific time for your family.

B. Lunches–Will your student order lunch from the District or bring lunch from home?

C. Will your student continue with remote-only learning?

D. Will your student participate in sports? Will they ride the bus from Eagle Nest to practices? When we call you Thursday and Friday, we will invite your child to attend school on specific days. Additional details including any necessary schedule changes to remote class times will be provided by Monday, at the latest. Our first priority is to confirm the choices your family makes regarding school the rest of this semester. Then we will finalize schedules over the weekend.

Thank you so much for your support of our students! We look forward to seeing their bright and shiny faces in person next week.

Go Timberwolves!!