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12/14-18 Finals Week Schedule

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Monday — Seniors only–senior seminar–details are in Canvas Capstone class

Tuesday — Follows the normal class schedule

Finals schedule–when you don’t have a final assigned, work on studying and finishing projects in other classes


9:15-10:45 Finals English 9 and US History 10-12

10:45-12:15 Finals Algebra 1 and Algebra

12:45-2:00 Finals Statistics, Spanish, and ASL

2:00-3:15 Final Beth’s English class


9:15-10:45 Finals English 10-12 and US History 9

10:45-12:15 Final Physics

12:45-2:00 Final Health

2:00-3:15 Final Integrated Fine Arts

Friday — Normal class schedule*; grades delivered electronically to parents by end of day

All students must complete their final as assigned by the teacher.

*If a student ALSO has earned a 70 in the class by 6 pm on Tuesday, 12/15, they can “skip” that class on Friday, 12/18. This is a nod to our tradition of enjoying a day on the mountain on the last day of the semester. We hope you enjoy a victory lap on us. We support the success of ALL our students. 

If a student earns below a 70 in any class (as posted Tuesday at 6pm), they will attend that class on Friday, 12/18.  We will give you focused attention on the last day so you can continue forward next semester, and avoid repeating classes. 

Only students who have a 70 and above on Tuesday at 6pm, and submitted their final to their teacher as instructed, will be eligible to skip that class on Friday, 12/18. Discipline pays off!