What does it mean to go “Beyond the Valley?”

Every school year begins with an all school camp out, we call “Beyond the Valley.”  Teacher Debra Ledford observed that many of our students never ventured beyond the local area, so being the adventure enthusiast herself proposed the idea of four rotating beginning of the school year trips so that in the course of a student’s career at MVHS they can experience four different types of terrain.  The faculty, staff, and governance of MVHS agreed that this fits in with the mission of the school and creates a learning experience beyond measure.  Previous trips have taken students to places like: Arches National Park, Great Sand Dunes, Rocky Mountain National Park, Lake Powell, and others.  These experiential and educational trips serve as the platform around which the spirit and comradery of MVHS is built.

2017-18 trip will be to The Great Sand Dunes in Southern Colorado.

Lake Powell adventure 2016-17: